Saturday, March 14, 2015

Borrow, Read, Review, Repeat (BRRR...)

Hello Dear Readers,

I'm known for trying things out to see how it goes. Late last Fall, I launched an ARRC  program, which stands for Advance Read Review Copy. It garnered decent results, but nothing that surprised me. I like being pleasantly surprised, so I'm shaking things up.

One of the most crucial aspects to publishing is being able to get ratings/reviews. Why?

Well, outside of it providing other readers information about how good a book might be, there is another little known aspect to it.


That's right, ads. In order for an author to get and pay for an ad via many of the best book advertisers out there, they need a minimum # of ratings and reviews. Otherwise, they won't run the ad, doesn't matter if the author can pay or not. In a way, this sucks. In a way, this is great.

Advertisers do this so they can ensure that they're sending top-rated, quality reads to their subscribers. This, I support. I wouldn't want crappy reads pimped and promoted, so I get it. Since I know that on average most of you find my stories to be good (4-star) or great (5-star), I really want to reach more readers through targeted promotion and advertising.

Will you help me get there?

I have a 4.5 average star rating at GoodReads and a 4.0 star average rating via Amazon. This means I would qualify for most ads IF I have ten or more for the title I want to promote. This is how I will get out of the trenches.

So, I need your help. Seriously.

I've changed my ARRC program to a BRRR program. What's that,  you ask?


Basically, you join my BRRR mailing list, you request what title you would like to read. I send you the INSTAFREEBIE link where you select what file type you want to read (mobi or ePub). (Borrow is just a euphemism, you get to keep your copies. So, yes... FREE copies always for anything already published). You read it. You rate and review it at Amazon & GoodReads. You email me links to your reviews. And lastly, you select another title to start reading. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My ENTIRE bibliography is available for YOU TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO READ. 

If  you like the sound of that, then by all means, subscribe now and let me know what you want to start with. :)

When I have new titles ready for release, they will AUTOMATICALLY be available to you to read, rate & review. Just ask.

Let me know what you think? It's a different approach to the advanced read/review programs that many authors use. Most of the time, they're telling you what they need read and reviewed. You might not get to choose. I'm offering you the CHOICE. Like a library system. :)

I'M ALL ABOUT THE READER. This business isn't so much a PUBLISHING business as it is a READER business. Yes, YOU. YOU are my priority. The rest are just MIDDLE MEN. That's right.

We don't need them anymore. :P




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    1. Hi April! Feel free to email me at & I will get you started. :)

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  3. I would be very interested in your BRRR program. I've just sent off for your free paranormal book & the "maids" book. I'll be sure to let u know after I've read n reviewed them.
    You can check out some of my reviews at Amazon & Goodreads; my profile name is K S Banks on both.
    My email address is:

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    1. Hi Deborah, you can join at this link:

      Thanks! :)

  5. I would love to join your BRRR group but I don't see a link to anything.

  6. I would love to join your BRRR group but I don't see a link to anything.

  7. Hi Ruby,
    I would love to join your BRRR group. Please let me know if there is still spots available. Thank you, Melissa

  8. I would love to join your Brrr group! You are a new to me author and I always review.

  9. I definately would like to do this! Sign me up please.