Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wolf Pack Run - GIVEAWAY & $0.99 SALE!


The Wolf Pack authors have put together a bunch of $0.99 cent reads just for you! Scroll down for all the deals!

If you haven't joined the Wolf Pack yet, what are you waiting for? We talk books. Authors give us ARCs. There are giveaways as well as Wolf Pack Runs where we go wild. 
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Will an immortal dragon-shifter be able to introduce a mortal to her fae powers and destiny as his bride?

Famous movie star leopard shifter Dane only wants one thing—his ivy shifter first love.
One small town - three sizzling stories.
When Once Upon a Time isn't enough
Answer the Call of the Night... Hot Alphas, sizzling passions, and six steamy stories in one.
She's hungry for the wolf...
You've been bitten! Now what? Find out in this brand new boxed set!
When an Alpha meets his submissive, sparks fly.
What happens if the lion and the unicorn catch each other?
The first McMahon triplet finds his mate and claims her on sight only to find she's the daughter of his family's enemy.
A dark shifter alpha... A jaded fae queen... Prepare to be ensnared.
She's a Reaper, He's a fallen Angel. Her boss wants his soul, but she wants it all. 
Antonia circumvents more than just the laws…she captures Connor’s heart.
"I feel her desire but I want to have her love." It’s time to live life on the dark side.
A dragon plus an angel combined with explosive attraction equals one smoking blizzard!
A forbidden romance between a gargoyle shifter and tree witch. 
What if your fated mate was just an app swipe away? 
Broken royal vows, strife, tension, and undeniable sexual magnetism stand between these lovers when fate places them face to face.
Two hot military werewolves save a damsel in distress.
Stefanie Alt is a woman on the run, and fate is hot on her heels.
Can werewolves Donovan and Eli keep their mate Maddy safe from the kidnapper who wants to take her?
Enjoy something juicy - Get Bitten! 
A sexy pussycat lures an Alpha werewolf into a vampire's dungeon.
Embrace your inner wolf.
Dallas has Full Moon Fever and only Lyssie has the cure. 
An alpha wolf and the man he hires light a spark of desire.
Iron will never break, but sexy Bella is going to get her stubborn wolf to bend