Sunday, June 28, 2015

FREE: The Capture of Grace

Sometimes the stories we as authors love the most when we're writing them go on to get the least amount of love from readers when they're published. It's just how the cards lay sometimes and you learn to roll with the punches. 

That said, I'd like to remind you that this title is currently FREE everywhere. A novella that is part of the West Coast Erotica series, it is based in Portland and revolves around three characters. Sometimes, love isn't a straight shot like we so often read it being portrayed as in romance books. And this story is exactly what I was attempting to share.

For Grace, she has emotional wounds that have lingered, preventing her from feeling she can move forward in intimate relations with men. That is, until fate and serendipity intervene, breaking her out of her lonely and isolated spell.
Entering the picture are two wonderful men, Clay and Greg, who make her realize she wants erotic experiences and maybe even love too. That old adage that sometimes we have to be patient while waiting for love and remember that part of the journey is about meeting and discovering our own desires.  

Once of my favorite reviews is by Racy Carr / Tina Hall and you can read it here at GoodReads.

Hope you enjoy! As always, reviews and feedback are greatly appreciated. :)