Monday, October 8, 2012

Sculpting a Goddess – Q&A with Sculptor Adam Schultz

Adam Schultz sculpts what many term, ‘goddesses’ - large, ample, luscious feminine forms that are plentiful in body, flesh and curves. I stumbled upon his art-form last year and fell in love. I reached out to him to see if he’d be willing to do a Q&A for my blog. I’ll be candid, I tend to be selfish when it comes to satisfying my own curiosities, but this I pursued with it in mind to share with my readers. I'm sure you'll appreciate his immense talent as much as I do. Enjoy! 

To start this... Your Goddess sculpture truly speaks to the feminine allure of roundness, curves, voluptuousness and plus size grace and beauty. Dare I say there is a bit of the sacred molded into your pieces? Your mastery is self-evident to a trained eye. With all the wondrous ranges and possibilities out there, I'm curious...

Q#1 - Are you willing you share or reveal how you personally came to appreciate this female body type? 

A#1 - I'm not sure how most people come to appreciate one certain body type or another, or for that matter what brings most people to be attracted to anything, really. I imagine that we are all born with certain hard-wired human traits, and are also influenced to a large extent by the environment in which we live.

As a figurative artist, I've come to appreciate all sorts of different body types as beautiful or sculptural... large, small, older, younger… I seem to find something unique and beautiful in everyone. I love trying to capture those qualities I see in people through my sculpture.

To answer your question though, I guess I've always appreciated women with rounder, fuller figures than any of the stick-thin images of models we see that are so popular in today's culture. It's just that there's something so beautiful and sensual about the way the flesh looks on a real woman. With all of her soft, fleshy curves, spilling and undulating mellifluously over her body... beauty. No denying it.

Q#2 - Can you elaborate on examples/sources of inspiration? (philosophy, art history, social, etc.)

A#2 -  Oh I love all the renaissance masters ... Rodin, Michelangelo, Bernini, & P.P. Rubens of course, to name a few. I like Botero, but his work leaves me unsatisfied somehow. Too cartoony or ‘baloony’ or something. I saw really very little contemporary art in the world that depicted rubenesque women with the sense of beauty and grace that I longed to see out there.

Q#3 - Do you use models? Or work from images and your mind/imagination?

A#3 -  All of the above. I’m constantly imagining new ideas for sculptures and often work them out on paper and in clay. When I have a model sit for me, I usually take photos of her and then work from them. as the sculpture nears completion, I may ask the model to return for a final sitting.

Q#4 - The poses for your sculpture pieces truly reflect the ample feminine form in more relaxed, and sensually alluring lines. What can you share or divulge about conveying that type of sensuality in a bronze piece? Challenges perhaps?

A#4 -  For some of my sculptures, the smooth, transparent, honey-colored patinas you can achieve with bronze really lend my figures a softness that you wouldn’t get with another medium. Bronze is a warm metal that can be cast into just about anything you might imagine. The foundry's job is to make the casting look just like the artist envisioned it. Sometimes it takes more work than others, depending on the complexity of the project.

I create the original sculpture in clay and then have it cast in bronze. The lost-wax casting method is a 12 step process involving up to 30 workers and 6 small business and takes 3 months to a year for completion of a finished bronze sculpture. It’s an ancient, violent process that enables the sculptor create a limited edition of replicas of the original that may actually outlive our society. I like to wonder if future archeologists are going to dig up some of these delightfully abundant ladies of mine and ponder on them as one of the few remaining examples of life in our culture today.

Q#5 - What can you share about the 'round' & circle parts in these sculptures? Meaning? Intent? The Goddess connection?  (I love the names for both of these pieces, & would love to own Meditation or a piece similar to it, btw...)

A#5 -  They have different meanings and references. "Round, Perfect, Beautiful" draws the viewer's attention at first with the shiny, beautiful, perfect circle, and then the discovery is made of the small, round, proud lady on top. My idea was to bring people's attention to the things they view as beautiful... A round circle - a round woman? I include other forms in my work like rocks, metaphoric or not, which I like to make appear weightless.

Q#6 - If you're willing, tell me about how your first sculpture came to life. Was it of a round, curvy woman?

A#6 -  I think the first sculpture I remember doing after finding some particularly clay-like mud for my mud-pies, was that of a kind of squishy man of sorts, when I was 6 years old, LOL.

Q#7 - Our culture has a great deal of negative attitudes about 'abundant' female form. What are some of your thoughts on this? Any advice or insight for abundant women? Anything you'd like to speak to or share with other men who are admirers of the abundant female form?

A#7 - It seems that today the media actively promotes the idea that people with the skinny body type are beautiful, and people with any other body types are repulsive. It's the last form of prejudice in our society that we allow, really. I feel like it’s a malicious campaign perpetuated by the fashion , health/fitness industries, and the diet pill manufacturers designed to sell more products to unhappy consumers. The severely photo-shopped images of (literally) impossibly wafer-thin fashion models give our youth such backwards ideas of what is beautiful, they are regularly starving, vomiting, mutilating, and hating themselves their whole lives in order to try and  fit in.

My daughter was 4 years old when she first told me that she felt fat and needed to diet.

I feel like it’s important to get as many size-positive images of people out in the world as possible. It's one of the best ways we can affect change in the world. Art communicates ideas at a sub-conscious level sometimes more powerfully than words ever could.

This fixation on the 'skinny' as the iconic beauty is only a recent phenomenon historically, anyway. Up until the late 50's, all throughout history, the curvy woman was the most desirable. It's true, you can look it up.

Watching people's expressions change as they look at my sculptures is one of my favorite pastimes. I love the joy, and the amazement that lights up the faces in folks as they realize that they actually like this sculpture even though they somehow think they shouldn't.  It shakes them up, :-) as art is supposed to.

As I've toured the country showing this 'goddess series' to people at shows and galleries, I've often shared tears with someone who'd spent their entire lives feeling disgusting in the eyes if the world and who, when suddenly confronted with a sculpture of a large, curvy woman looking so beautiful, suddenly realizes that it looks just like they do, themselves. That’s the best.

Thank you Adam, I couldn't agree more. ~ Ruby Madden

Friday, July 6, 2012

Three Q&A’s with a Married Man

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged at Blogger. Blame my current writing projects, one of which is very close to being self-published. It’s an erotica series about a confident Plus-Size, Curvy woman. I’m very excited about it. You will be too once you start reading…

Amidst my many writing projects, I’ve had a productive back and forth with a funny, sweet married man. I want to share (with his consent and approval) as he has been able to confirm that my advice, insight, suggestions into rekindling the sex/erotic flame with his wife have really helped. This makes me very happy. I like knowing I can help people. Tell me what you think. Am I any good at this?

He first asked about my thoughts on him watching Porn before getting it on with his wife. The conversation then shifted to questions about his wife’s squirting and then finally, to my thoughts about anal sex. His correspondence is in BLUE, mine is in RUBY.

Q&A I watch porn to get stimulated before having sex w/ my wife… Is this OK?

Can I ask you a serious question. Or I guess your opinion. Do you think if I  watch porn to get stimulated before having sex, without my wife knowing I watch it, do you think that is wrong? After taking your advice I'm giving my wife everything I can to light the fire in the sheets. We fucked four nights in a row last week. I know it may not sound like much but with my wife, trust me it was unprecedented. And it was amazing and it really brought us closer. So again I guess my question am I doing something bad by watching porn to get stimulated before I go to bed? Sorry to bother you but I felt with you I would get an honest answer. ~ J

Keeping in mind what I knew from our prior email convo, this was my REPLY: 

Hi J,

I'm happy to help. It's wonderful to hear that you took those steps.... and wow! Look at the result. That's awesome! :)

The more important question is for you to ask what you're ashamed about. Fundamentally, our society places a very heavy burden of shame on people regarding sexual desire and intimacy. As a result, very basic and normal sexual wants, needs, desires get 'choked' under the stigma of judgment and shame. Or the idea that something is 'taboo'. Truthfully, very little is taboo (take a look at my list below). All it is, is us experiencing and using our bodies and genitals to play!

IMHO, it's ok and normal to look at and watch material that sexually stimulates us. This is true for men and women alike. Sex is like anything else, addictive or compulsive behavior always follows the same patterns. So, examine your relationship to porn. I prefer the term erotica. For fun, you (and maybe your wife) could attend the Seattle Erotic Art Festival which happens to be going on this week. It started last weekend and is going through this one. Perhaps it may be too much for your wife, but maybe not? At the very least, it can stimulate?

Ultimately, there are a few basic guidelines I abide by and expect others to abide by. I call these my Golden Sex Rules:

1. the rule of consent
2. the rule of not sexualizing minors (children and teens)
3. the rule of not having sexual relations with those unable to speak for oneself to provide consent (handicapped, mentally disabled, animals, the dead (corpse), elderly, etc.)
4. respect each other’s sexual health & limits by playing safe/sane & disclose STD’s prior to playing
5. fucking have fun! play! explore! discover yourself! discover each other!

It's true, many women frown on porn. But that is a long story in and of itself. That said, things are changing - a lot of porn is being made by women with women in mind as the viewer/customer. I happen to like porn, I watch it a few times a week. As long as the women (porn actresses) are actually getting off and enjoying themselves, are not solely being used or demeaned, I have a broad range of what I like.

Your wife is a sexual being. That she has had sex with you four times in a row last week speaks volumes. Don't waste this opening, it means more to her than you may ever realize. If there is anything that most women share in common when it comes to men who are lovers, husbands, intimate partners, BF's, what have you - it is this, we all love it when you take charge and assert what you need and what you want to provide - to us as your partner. Even when being vulnerable about a sex life that has disappeared, we fundamentally are physiologically and psychologically triggered to respond to the innate masculine dominance of a man. Even Dominant women respond to this. Make sense?

I think there is something you'll really enjoy. Check out this website and book. It's based on a married man who wanted to reignite the spark with his wife. What happened, absolutely to this day, still blows his mind away. TheSexExperiment & TheSexExperiment at

Your next step? Ask her about something she's been afraid to share, divulge or talk about regarding sex. Give her a wide open door and plenty of time to respond.  Just ask one or two times, don't push or pressure her. She may blurt it right out or wait a week and surprise you on a Sun morning while drinking coffee. Whatever she brings to the table, you be open and sincere. Don't judge. This opening will provide you clues on how to further stimulate her. I'd be thrilled to hear the results. Let it percolate in her mind if needed. Be curious, but don't suffocate her. 

Feel free to reach out anytime.


Q&A When a Woman Squirts, is that a Different Feeling?

Hi Ruby,

Thank you soooo much for taking your time to share this advice with me!!! I was hoping you would reply but WOW, amazing advice!!! Are you a counselor? Am I going to get an invoice from you in the mail? Lol…
Your comment about women liking when men take control, I can totally see that! On Sunday night we were playing around, I was licking her pussy then I straddled her and she grabbed me and was playing with her pussy with my cock. It was very stimulating to see her do this. I was afraid I was going to cum so I took charge and slide my cock inside her and was fucking her slow but hard (slow but hard, does that make sense?) I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary but while we were fucking I could feel, hear and see she was squirting (which I have another question about later). Seeing her do this was an incredible turn on but what really surprised me was that she asked me while we were fucking if I was "doing something different" but I wasn't. I think maybe like you said, because I took charge, took total control and that in itself was stimulating to her.

Can I ask you about squirting? Ruby you are magical, like a genie in a lamp, I'm so glad I found you :) but am I only going to be granted 3 pieces of advice from you? Lol…
Back to my question, when a woman squirts, is that a different feeling? It's a different orgasm I can tell. When my wife squirts I don't know if she realizes it is happening. But when she has another orgasm her breathing and moaning leave no mistake to anyone in the house that she is cumming, plus her body shakes in controllable. Both this type of orgasm and her squirting are very stimulating. Especially the squirting.
I better stop, this session will probably cost me a fortune ;) lol…

Ruby I really do appreciate your advice, especially giving me your time to write back so much advice!!!
Thank you!!

Hi J,

You're welcome. I just take payment in the form of 'good karma', fair? :O)
Am I counselor? Not specifically... But do I have a ridiculous amount of education, experience and knowledge about human behavior (psychology, sociology, etc.) and managing humans, yes. On top of that, you add my own outta control interest and curiosity about sex and an extra helping of 'female intuition'. So, yes - I'm a magic sex genie. You figured it out!

That taking control piece creates an atmosphere of 'I want you so bad, I don't fucking care what you do - it's hot = you're sexy as hell = makes us fucking sexy as hell together.' Once that merry-go-round gets going, its kind hard to stop. The best part is that it starts a mind-fuck for a woman. And this, my friend, is what you're tapping into. Hence the four days in a row... ;O)

Couple questions - has she always squirted? Also, how old is she? Your wife may not realize she's squirting, but I'm sure your bedding does! :P

Yes, squirting is in my experience, a different type of orgasm. Here's something that many men may not realize. Women who are in touch with their orgasms have different 'flavors' of orgasms. God was indeed kinder to the fairer sex in this way. We get to have more than one and all colors of the rainbow types - IF, and the IF is important - we know our bodies first and foremost and have a man who can clue into our pace/signals/arousal phases and where we're at in our cycle. Naturally, this requires men actually being interested in our orgasm and pleasure. My experience is that 90% of men do care, they just may not simply have the confidence or experience. So, they get stuck. Women get judgmental or left unsatisfied and things get ugly. Ugh. I'm not into blaming either side of fence, I like creating win-win's where everyone can just move past the problem and make things/life better, however possible. 

First, it's my belief that every woman on the planet can squirt. That said, it isn't a much discussed part of sexuality and so the 'common knowledge' to learning about it and how to stimulate or understand it isn't readily available. The most important thing to know is that most women need a lot of stimulation to squirt. So, quick fucks rarely do it. If couples get stuck in the pattern of having the same sex, for the same amount of minutes in the same position - then you most likely won't see a woman squirt-coming. She may still come, but most likely not a squirt-come. 

Squirting can be correlated to a woman's monthly cycle. It's been observed by women who like to squirt that our bodies seem the most primed for it when we're ovulating or right before our period. For me, there is a 7 day window each month where I can squirt/come the easiest. There is always a 2-3 day window in which I 'peak'. I feel like a god-damned bonobo/cat-in-heat who wants cock like I need water. I didn't start squirting until I hit my 30's.

Each woman is different. The genitalia typically needs to be very engorged  and aroused - inside and out. So,  like sex for more than an hour, maybe already an orgasm or two. This is why you hear about men/lovers doing those 2-3 hour cunnilingus sessions who are hooked and only want to go down on women when they have lots of time to fuck them. The genitalia will really swell and this is how that inner ejaculating gland becomes easier to be stimulated. A good combination of oral, hand, cock really makes this work and feels like heaven on earth. I'm talking bliss. I've cried from these types of orgasms. They're deep, intense, long and ecstatic. They also have an 'emotional/spiritual' component. Very much about deep release and surrender - be it with oneself or to another. I've literally crawled out of bed I was so happily exhausted from coming. That's a funny sight, let me tell ya...

The slow and hard is so smart. Glad you figured that one out. Slow and deep really maximizes the G-spot. I can't come if a man fucks me too fast or too hard. Do I like getting fucked hard? Yes. But will I come while I'm being fucked fast and hard? No. Do I still want him to fuck me fast and hard at times. Yes. Fun!

In the end, I'm a big believer that sexual intimacy and pleasure is one of the most rewarding experiences any human being can have. Count yourself lucky if you happen to love the one you're experiencing it with, in this day and age many people may not have that. Make sense? 

Keep asking questions. I think I want to give Dan Savage (sex columnist) a run for his money!


Q&A I want to do ANAL

G's morning Ruby,

So much you say is actually happening!!! Do you have Hidden cameras in my house?
The cycle thing is do true! Usually a couple days before her period, she is so horny. This may sound funny but stimulating her nipples drive her wild. She has said before she has almost cum from that. She hasn't always squirted. The first time she did it was incredible. I think at first both of us weren't sure what happened. She was on top of me, facing away, she was bouncing in controllable which caused my cock to slide out and then she squirted out all over me. I had never experienced that before, I thought she was peeing on me. Then I realized she had squired. She said she didn't know what happened either. Another time was when we were fulfilling a little fantasy of hers, we were fucking, standing up in the bathroom (in the privacy of our house) and her juices squirted out, running down over my balls. It was hot!!!

Lately, since our merry go round has been spinning it's been happening and yes the sheets suffer :)
The merry go round came to a halt when her period stopped.
I think when she's ready again I'm going to surprise her and join her in the shower.
One area that is completely off limits to me is her anus. No fingers, no tongue, and definitely not my cock. Yes I'm sad because this is one thing that I would love to try!!! I realize that anal sex isn't something that can just happen anytime but I am dying to try it. 

Can I ask you Ruby, have you ever had anal sex? If you have did you enjoy it. Does it really give a woman pleasure? Is it just the idea of it being so naughty that makes it so desirable? 
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of Aladdin’s lamp on my cock :) lol because when I rub the lamp I you make my wishes come true :)

Yes sweetie, it's time for Dave Savage to hang it up!!! You'll get my vote Ruby!!!
Thank you Ruby :)

Hi J,

Glad to hear that you’ve noticed how her cycle impacts both her willingness and eagerness to be sexual and when she squirts. The position she first squirt-gasmed in with you makes total sense. I have to agree, there is something especially hot about squirt. Have you ever tasted it? I love the way it feels and tastes. In my case, it’s very different from urine. I also find it sexy to have it all over a man’s cock, body, mouth. The warmth of it and the sexy, velvety feel of it… yum!

Ah. Anal sex. Yeah, let me tell ya – in my opinion, this one has more opinions on it than most other ‘taboo’ sex acts. First, I want to state this – EVERY WOMAN IS VERY UNIQUE about her sexual preferences in general, but when it comes to ANAL SEX, this seems to get exponentially magnified. I will reveal what’s been shared with me over the years.

First, I get it. I do. Men just want to insert anything and everything into all of our awesome orifices. Mouths, vaginas, asses. I’m fairly convinced that if our nose nostrils and ear canal openings were any larger, you guys would be sticking things in there too. And, it makes sense. Men have a body part solely designed to penetrate. Nothing like stating the obvious. The phallus, your penis-cock, wants inside a woman (or just a body) in general. Got it.

So, take a walk with me. How do you feel about having a phallus-like item or hard cock inserted into your ass?

You’re probably sitting there wondering WTF? Why is Ruby turning around the tables. No, I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful. Notice your thoughts and feeling surrounding someone or something penetrating your anus?

Ah. Got it?

Ok then, this gives you somewhere to start in understanding her resistance to it. I’ve heard it all, there are women who will never try anal, their thinking is along the lines of, “that’s my asshole and shit comes out of it. No fucking way!” Then there are the women who are like, “I tried anal and offered up the ass and it hurt like hell, no thanks.” But then, there are the ones who are saying, “I fucking love anal, it gets me off and I really prefer it over vaginal sex.”

Confusing, right? As long as we respect RULE # 1, the rule of consent – I’d recommend explaining to her why you want to play with her anus (oral, tongue, fingers, cock, toys, etc.). A lot of women perceive their anus as this ‘disgusting body part’. Maybe if she knows you don’t find it disgusting, she’ll open up to the idea of it. So, realize that even if you offer up this part of her body you want to explore, she may not warm up to it. It’s like anything with women, provide them some time to percolate it.

Then, do your homework buddy! Be ready. Read. Watch ‘how-to-do’ Anal sex vid’s. Not anal porn, Anal sex Vid’s. There’s a huge difference. Have lube. Start with small, basic steps and listen to her. You’ll know if she’s enjoying it or not. Anal involves a very relaxed state of mind and body.

Be willing to let the ghost die if in the end, she’s like, “I hate this, I don’t like it and I don’t want to try it again.” Also, sometimes it’s a trust thing. So, just throwing that out there. Ultimately, be willing to do to and with yourself, whatever it is you want to do with her. Make sense? Meaning, maybe you can buy the butt plugs (one for you and one for her) and ask her to play with your ass. Plenty of hetero men like having their asses played with in the same way they want to play with a woman’s ass. Fingers, tongues, small toys…

I’m no expert on anal sex, but I have heard many women share that it was less-than-a-pleasant experience and they’re not inclined. I blame this partly on over-eager partners not knowing what they’re doing. One very important thing to know is that there are actual, bona-fide health/medical reasons some people shouldn’t do anal.

I hope that helped enlighten your curiosity a bit.
Have a horny & fun weekend,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Fat Admirer, Please come out of the FA Closet…

Dan Savage agrees! Here is a link to his podcast on the Seattle Stranger chastising a closet fat admirer for wasting his time pretending he's not attracted and into large, curvy women. Dan Savage Podcast - FA, Come out of the Closet! It's episode 275. To say this made my month would be a huge understatement...

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share and reveal that unlike what society might like you to believe, there are plenty of men who have a preference for plus size, large women. The problem, IMHO, is that most of them are not out of the Fat Admirer closet.

Other than thru limited personal experiences, how did I find out just how many are into big women? It’s kinda funny and silly. About a decade ago, a friend of mine didn’t like that I wasn’t even bothering to attempt meeting men. I was in ‘frump’ phase and had pretty much isolated myself from the entire ‘dating scene’, (whatever the hell that means – it’s never looked like anything I’ve seen in the movies in my 3 decades on the planet).

She didn’t realize that I was licking some pretty serious wounds at the time. I had been seeing someone off and on over a year who had gone to extreme measures to always provide me a good time, but always on his terms and hidden away from the public. There was never any going to the movies, or out to a nice restaurant – but room service in a nice, private hotel or a movie night at the downtown condo was always a go. Even sex in a town-car, with tinted windows naturally. I knew his game, and didn’t have the self-confidence then to call him out on it. Besides, like anyone – I was horny, enjoyed the attention and of course, the sex was great.

That said, it was just a matter of time before our worlds collided. It was so simple – I was at the mall downtown and as fate would have it, literally bumped into him as I rounded a corner. My first reaction was to be pleasantly surprised at the serendipitous encounter – but that quickly dissolved when a lovely, thin blond woman collided with us, right behind him and in her arms, their 2 year old.

No, I didn’t know he was married. But it all made sense. Perfect sense. And I had enough dignity to compose myself quickly enough. All I did was apologize for running into them, my eyes to the ground and I was gone like lightning.

It took him two weeks to get the courage to contact me. And try as he might to explain it, I only had one question for him. It was the only one that interested me at the time as I had accepted the reality of it and had done a fine job of beating myself up for being so naïve and stupid.

“Does she know?”

“About us? No.”

“Not that, does she know you like fat women?”

No answer, long awkward pause…

“I didn’t think so, good-bye.”


Never again. From that day on, it was very simple. The simplest thing ever. If a man wanted to be with me, enjoy my company, mind, and body - he would have to go thru a series of public ‘outings’. The coffee shop, the restaurant, the movies. Then sex. Because as it turns out, I don’t like being hidden away in nice hotels, town-cars, and downtown condo’s.

Back to my friend. She had, without my knowing, placed an ad on a dating profile for large women and used mostly my real info (height, weight, age, physical features, etc), some good pics she had of me and then she waited. After a couple of months, of pretending to be me online – she couldn’t hide her little experiment from me any longer. And it was one of the funniest moments of my life. She had stayed the night and we were making french toast one fine Sunday morning after a fun night of drunken antics.

Out of the blue, she said: “Turns out, you’re like the fat girl HOT-TIE.”

Blink, gulp, wtf?? I just sorta stared at her, my eyes held open in amazement, a goofy grin-frown of confusion registering all over my face, I’m sure. She really was that hung-over. And in less than a minute or so, she had confessed her little experiment and project, apologizing profusely along the way, but also equally excited to divulge.

“I’ve got responses from men of all ages, types – frack, from all over the world! To them, you are like supremo eye candy, they want more, more, more. I can’t keep up with them… I think you need to see it. I do.”

And I did. I sidestepped mortification that I had been represented by her for a couple of months online and before I knew it, the rest of my day was spent reading emails, IM’s, looking at profiles and wondering to myself, “Are you EVEN kidding me?”

From there, the horse had been led to water and my curious nature took ever. I approached it like a psychological, and sociological experiment. Just enough vested, keeping some vantage of neutrality and healthy skepticism, but always optimistic. Some, I even met up with.

At the time, I had been working on a self-esteem project with my therapist. When I told her about all of it, her suggestion was mind-boggling. “Just go with it. Be safe, enjoy it and do wonders for your sense of self. Find out just how many find you attractive and desirable for whatever the reason.”

So I did. And I did. And I did some more. And I still do… J

What started as a way of me finding some sense of feeling sexy, desirable and beautiful quickly evolved into ongoing interactions and conversations with those men who have a preference for the large woman. So here I am, divulging it all to the world for no other reason than because I want to. As for what it may or may not do for anyone else out there – I don’t know just yet. But I can tell you this, the traffic to this blog is surprising. It’s downright fun.

Two great quips from someone, a man, who knows what I’m talking about:

The real question is, why are so many Fat Admirers in denial? I can’t tell you how many guys (or gals) there are like me, and a good portion of them being in the closet makes the numbers even fuzzier. Over half the U.S. is considered—DUN DUN DUN—“overweight.” Someone’s fucking all the fatties.* Be a sport and let them know. Dan is ego-driven enough to envision a greater purpose. “Society sucks, and society says you need male validation. If you’re trying to say fat is attractive, as a lot of women out there are, it helps to find legitimate people who find this attractive.” Or, as he put it more bluntly on his Facebook page, after contributing two pro-fat pieces to lady blog The Hairpin, “I write about my preference for fat women in hopes that other men who share my preference will make themselves known so they’ll stop being little ballsacks and let the millions of fat women in this country find them.” ~ Dan Weiss { guys who like fat chicks }

I think that about sums it up. Thank you Dan and Dan. :)

Ruby M