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Billionaire SciFi Romance Serial: Maid in Space

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I'm very excited about this 3-PART story (serial). The inspiration for it hit hard and the story pretty much wrote itself. If I've done my job right, your heart will ache for both the Hero and the Heroine. They are both lonely and aching to connect.
  • PART/Book 1: 3/26
  • PART/Book 2: 4/5
  • PART/Book 3: 5/30
  • BUNDLE: 6/1
DESCRIPTIONCameron Duke the Fourth is fleeing Earth to escape all the unwanted attention from the masses. Literally, the world’s most eligible bachelor, he’s had enough of Earth women who only seek his prestige, power and money.
As the sole heir to his family’s businesses, he is the world’s first trillionaire.
Time and time again, Rachel Sioux has opened her heart only to be burned, jilted, dumped and left wanting. What’s wrong with her? So, when she is approached by her employer to interview for the job of a lifetime doing housecleaning work in the most unlikely of places for a very good salary, she hops at the opportunity.
Even if it is in space!


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PLEASE NOTEDue to ongoing issues with Amazon not counting pages-read correctly by readers who borrow stories via Kindle Unlimited (KU), I don't plan to include this story in KU. 
I sighed. Again.
Was no one getting the point? Why I wanted to leave Earth and live in space?
And no, this wasn’t just for a space trip. I was talking about full-on inhabitation aboard a space station all my own.
Unbeknownst to my executive team, I’d already started construction, a long while ago, on my uber secret project, the Duke 4, which was nearing completion and soon, would be ready for me to live in.
                “It can’t be done, it would take years to build it and do you really want to invest in something so expensive?” Jakob asked, an incredulous look on his face.
I snorted. Expensive? Was he kidding me?
                I was Earth’s first and only trillionaire. The word, expensive, meant nothing to me. I could literally afford anything I wanted. Including the most expensive personal space station in existence. It had taken three long years to build and it was nearing completion. I was only just now informing the executives who worked for me that I was about to get on a space rocket-ship and leave Earth. I would continue to lead on key business matters with an emphasis on key. The rest, I was leaving to them to manage.
“Well, it’s been done,” I said, and opened my presentation that showed the first pictures revealed to anyone other than myself. “Here is the Duke 4, my future home. I leave in a month’s time.”
I smiled at all the looks of surprise and even a few mouths that were wide open as I continued the slideshow, revealing my new space quarters. The room went quiet, completely hush with awe.
“What do you think?” I asked my team.
“Why?” Tiffany asked, her eyes genuine with curiosity.
Because, dearheart – I’m sick to death of women like you. Blood-sucking, money-hungry and artificial in every way, down to her tits. And then there was the rest of the human race. No matter my philanthropic efforts that I’d started doing as a young man. As heir to my family’s legacy and immense fortune, I was fed up.
Angry. Jaded.
Not amused…
At age thirty-two, I wanted nothing to do with them. I wanted to hole myself up as far away from them as I could afford.
So, I’d staked several hundred billion into the project, hiring only the best and brightest minds to make it a reality. And there it was, spinning calmly in the vacuum of space. Guaranteed solitude. Other than staff needed to run and maintain, I had every intention of limiting my contact with other human beings to the bare minimum necessary.
“Why not?” I answered. I’d long since decided I’d never reveal my real reasons and let the world believe that I was just an eccentric rich man who wanted to hang out in space.
I’d never seen my executive team so gob-smacked. I was loving it. This was too delicious.
“Any other questions?” I asked.
Frank cleared his throat, a habit of his that told me he disapproved but would pretend otherwise. “Is this a safe place for you, Cameron?”
I wanted to snort. No, not likely, but I was willing to take my chances. “As safe is possible at this time,” I said, dismissing his fake concern. The man had never liked me despite being my father’s primary advisor until his dying day.
Sue piped up. “Won’t this hurt investor relations? Our chief in outer space? I’m sure the media will make a hey-day of this. It’s just not done…”
I had to give Sue credit, she was the only one brave enough to challenge me. That was why I was giving her the promotion of a lifetime.
“Sue, how would you like to take the helm? Be the new chief?”
Once again, everyone went silent. I respected, but hated my team. They were the best at what they do and therefore some of the worst you could find in humankind. Ambitious, power-hungry and greedy to a fault. I’d hired every last one of them. Except for Frank. Besides having spent his life working for my Father, Frank had clout, reputation and the largest stake in my family’s many businesses.
Sue, was exceptionally, the worst of them all – which meant she’d be the best at running my business. I hated to admit it, but it was true.
“Are you serious, sir?” She asked, gulping and then beaming a greedy smile as wide as the Grand Canyon.
“Very much so, Sue. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I think you’re the best candidate. Give it some thought and let me know. Let us know.”
“No need, Cameron. I’d be honored. I accept.”
“Good, then that is settled. Congratulations.”
Once again, the room was struck quiet. I had to admit, it was going just as well, if not better than planned.
“Anyone else with concerns or questions? If you don’t want to discuss here, than you can bring them to me privately, of course. In the meantime, I have a meeting with the head of staff for my new space-home.”
Everyone was looking at one another, waiting. For a room filled with thirteen executives, they were awfully quiet. I knew that the shit-storm was coming and I didn’t care. I was extricating myself from the nightmare I’d been living since I was twenty-two. I’d given a decade of my life to it and I felt as if I’d given it a hundred.
I was the wealthiest individual in the world and I wanted my time back.
The idea had started out as having a home at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, off of the coast of Hawaii but that had proven to be more difficult than the space-home. So, I’d gone the other direction. The ocean-home was still underway, but it was requiring more time. But I’d leave that disclosure for another time.
“Meeting over,” I said, smiling. “Have a good day,” I said, then stood to stroll out of the conference room.