Friday, March 20, 2015

KINKLECTIC: Free, Free, & Free

Why hello! While my nose, lungs and eyes battle the early onset and onslaught of Spring and her seasonal allergies, I'm wide awake this Friday morning preparing for a busy weekend. I have a very nice treat for you and I plan on breaking some ranking records at Amazon.


You see, us ambitious folks at KINKLECTIC have decided to make all THREE of our BUNDLES FREE for the weekend. Yup, that's right - ALL THREE OF THEM.

So, go get em!!! Read em!!! And most importantly, RATE/REVIEW them!! I'd be thrilled for crazy amounts of stars at the end of this giveaway. Even if it is just for one, two or three of the stories in a bundle that you found yourself enjoying, please let the world know. Seriously, it matters. It's what will keep us putting together more BUNDLES. You like more, right? I know I do! :P

What READERS think matter the most to me. Serious.

Okay, off to go drink another SBUX. Have a great weekend. :)

~ Ruby

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