Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ARRC Advance Reader-Reviewer Copy Program

Dear Readers,

I need your help... Would you be willing to sign up for my ARRC program? It's a way to get all of my upcoming releases (and former released titles) for FREE.

There are a handful of steps:
  1. Sign up for my ARRC email list
  2. Pick up copies of eBooks via InstaFreebie when I send an ARRC update via email
  3. Read & enjoy :) (the best part!)
  4. If you enjoy, leave a review via Amazon and/or GoodReads (the fun part!)
  5. If you don't enjoy, that's okay. I don't take offense. Just email me & share why. I use reader feedback to improve my writing & story-telling. It really does help!! 
  6. Follow-up via a GoogleDoc's template I have created that provides the weblink where your review is located (this final step ensures that you remain on my ARRC list) *If you opt to provide critical feedback, you don't need to review & you will absolutely remain on my ARRC list. 
And that is it in a nutshell! At some point, this list will 'max out' and I will no longer accept new reviewers until others fall off. So get in while the getting is good!!