Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the Queen's Pets...


...Part 2 is out on Friday (11/21) & is available at the discount price of $0.99. It will go up to it's perm Price-Point of $2.99 on 11/28. Part 1 will be FREE on 11/21 & 11/22 to celebrate the release of Part 2. Both parts are KU (KindleUnlimited) eligible.

Each novelette is aproximately 8,000 words, about 35 eReader pages & the story is told from multiple POV's. This is a companion series to Master's Maids.

This series explores a niche of BDSM in which the Master or Mistress (Queen in this scenario) has a collection of submissive 'human-pets'. Although this is still considered quite taboo, it's actually quite a sweet, endearing and affectionate aspect of kink & fetish play that deserves more attention.

I personally adore the concept of having 'kittens' and 'pups' to frolic with, allowing for a great deal of tenderness to be shared between Mistress and sub-slave. It's a fun kink, check it out! As always, if you read and enjoy, reviews are greatly appreciated!!

DESCRIPTION: Celia Shay’s lifestyle is truly unique. She lives a life of plush comfort and full care as a kept human ‘pet’. A term of affection in the BDSM and kink community for when a Mistress or Master chooses to ‘own’, train and ‘collar’ a submissive person in exchange for their complete service, devotion and love. 

Celia’s ‘owner’ is a Mistress, the Queen, as she is known in the kink community and world. A Mistress of royal descent who moved to the States over a decade ago to escape her country’s political turmoil. 

Celia is one of three female ‘kitten’ human-pets and one male ‘puppy’ human-pet. Each week is a semi-adventure in the Queen’s Castle, the sprawling mansion-like home that they all live in.

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