Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Gems: 5 Sexy Stories...

Inside you will find 50,000+ words of holiday-themed short stories, an eclectic collection to celebrate the erotic kinkster and/or romantic in you.

Mistress Klaus by Ruby Madden
DESCRIPTION: Contrary to what most believe, it is Mistress Klaus who runs the show at the North Pole. Not Santa Claus, but Mistress Klaus… Nonetheless, she still needs a partner. A man to call her own. One who can serve her in more ways than one.
DETAILS: 5,400 words, Mistress / Domme, light kink & BDSM, romance, rings!

Office Party by Troy King
DESCRIPTION: Rebecca and John have had their fair share of erotic adventures, but their very first time exploring their wilder sides came at the company Christmas party.  While executives yammered on and everyone got bored, Rebecca and John expanded their horizons.
DETAILS: 10,800 words, light bondage, public setting, erotic w/ some romance

A Hysteric New Year by Audrey Lusk
DESCRIPTION: Wherein an inventor has found a way to use his latest marvel the same way most do - for sex.  A hot ménage romance in a not-quite-steampunk fantasy Victorian setting.
DETAILS: 5,150 words, Ménage, MFM, erotic, Steampunk, & Victorian

The Winter Dream by Lydia Young
DESCRIPTION: After her brush with death, Jolie Paget’s world tumbles into madness and dreams. On the longest night of winter, she must confront the chaos…and the man who haunts her sleep. But will she be able to emerge from it with her mind and heart in one piece?
DETAILS: 15,500 words, Paranormal Romance, Prequel to the Nine Worlds

Santa’s Gift by Ruby Madden
DESCRIPTION: Sally has nearly finished her PhD and is on vacation for the Holidays in sunny San Diego when she spies a tall, sexy man lounging across the pool. She’s recently dumped her boyfriend of three years and hasn’t had a ‘decent lay’ in as many. She makes a bold move, and picks up Rain, hoping for a one-night stand. Much to her surprise, Rain expects to be paid for his unique skills. Will Sally deny herself some much needed carnal pleasure or indulge in Rain’s expert, hand’s-on TLC and sensual care?

DETAILS: 10,000 words, 1st person POV’s by primary characters, BWWM, erotic, BBW




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