Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year, A New Pen Name

Happy New Year's Day!

Sometimes, the snake just needs to shed it's skin. In the world of writing and publishing, its not uncommon for an author to don several different masks in the guise of a new pen-name.

In 2015, my new pen-name will begin releasing titles mid-to-late Spring. The titles will be in the paranormal, fantasy and science fiction genres. I haven't quite decided if I will reveal it to my Ruby Madden readers, but currently, I'm leaning towards not revealing it.

Partly because I'm seeking a fresh slate. Writing erotic fiction (romantica, sexy-fiction) has taught me a lot. Especially, how fickle readers are!! I laugh, cuz I'm the same way... So. I think I'll enjoy it more to play peek-a-boo with you. I'm secretly hoping that at least a handful of you will guess who I am. Maybe see it in the writing style? Not sure how many of you enjoy paranormal, fantasy and science fiction?

Another key difference is that I won't be investing in a social platform like I did for this pen name. I love the social interaction, I do but not sure if I can maintain both, to be brutally honest. Not with real life and a full-time, professional day job.

Ruby Madden will carry on in writing the following:

  • Domme / Mistress / Dominatrix / FemDom
  • Spooked (as a continuing Series)
  • Lusty Holidays (Santa's Gift, Mistress Klaus)
  • The Tender Holiday Series (Hold Me Tender, Kiss Me Tender, Love Me Tender...)
  • KINKLECTIC anthology bundles & anthologies (six scheduled for 2015 around holidays)
Right now, my new FemDom title is available for Pre-Order at a discount ($0.99) and will be released on 3/6 (March 6th). 

TagLine: Sometimes, life's a bitch.

Last but not least, I'm participating in a RAFFLECOPTER for a KINDLE FIRE HD giveaway.



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