Saturday, March 1, 2014

Google PLAY & GoodReads - Kat Lady is FREE

I believe FREE is a very good price. I've been enjoying FREE eBooks over the last few years from many different authors. FREE is one way to reach new readers who might not otherwise sample your written product. In other-words, I'm all about it!

So, KAT LADY is now permanently FREE via Google Play & GoodReads. Eventually, it will transition at AMZN Kindle & B&N NOOK, but that takes a wee bit of magic in the web-o-sphere, so patience is necessary.

If you enjoy KAT LADY, maybe you'll enjoy more in the {West Coast Erotica} Series? All are available for Pre-Order in the Google Play Store at a discountThe Capture of Grace is available March 31st (3/31/14). TOY BOX will be available April 25th (4/25/14).

On a fun note, spring is peeking her luscious head in Seattle. We have cherry blossoms blooming and daffodils are opening. On a recent shopping spree for some baby orchids, I also stopped to get a salted, caramel mocha +Starbucks Coffee and a kind barista solved my 'how to carry' dilemma with a most excellent way to use a cup carrier. Thank you kindly!!! :)



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