Wednesday, February 8, 2017


audiolistener2 Wow, I just looked at my ACX (Audible/Amazon) report for January Audio-Books' sales and I'm stoked! Sales are better than they've ever been. I'm very grateful that my stories being narrated and put into audio-book format are doing well. You guys seem to be gobbling them up! :D
Over the years, I've been an appreciator of the engaging voice and hearing a story well-told by a beautiful or gorgeous voice is a rare pleasure. There is a true art-form to narrating a story well and capturing the essence of the characters' journeys and experiences as the story unfolds.
Good narrators are great at timing, spacing of pauses, masters of vocal inflection and the emotional cadence that adds a depth to the story. So, finding a good narrator is key! I'm lucky to have worked with some talented narrators thus far. I give a few tips and suggestions, but more or less rely on them to be the vocal professionals that they are. I like to believe I've found the right voice to see the story through from beginning to end.
audiobf The art of the 'book boyfriend' is a challenge since it involves ongoing seduction of the reader (typically women). That's why, when I was recently seduced by a narrators' sexy voice, I knew I had the right one to convey the sexy passion my heroes are written with. There is an energy and charisma in a man's voice that can melt the heroine's heart... and her panties!
So, dive in! I'm always giving away the free audio-book codes that Audible is so gracious to provide every time I publish something new, so the best way to get one is to be subscribed to my newsletter(s). It's always first-come, first-serve.
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Coming Soon! >>> Her Baller by Maddy Roman


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