Monday, October 20, 2014

Spooked: Paranormal Romance Novella


A Victorian Mansion inherits a new owner & resident...

...who soon discovers that she's not alone in the large house and her new home. This paranormal romance novella reveals a love that has come back from the dead to be rediscovered in the now. The ever-present.

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{ Novella: 18,000 words, 65 eReader pages }

DESCRIPTION: Clementine, an in-demand sketch artist who needs an escape from her hectic, stressful and busy city life decides to take a much needed one-year sabbatical. She welcomes the chance to move to a small town in the South and inhabit the old, Victorian mansion, that upon her aunt’s recent passing, was willed to her. 

Upon arriving, Clementine meets Gabe, a kindly, considerate and sexy jack-of-all-trades who helped her aunt while she was alive, with the house, doing maintenance, repairs and property upkeep. 

Instantly drawn to one another, Clementine wonders if he likes curvy women such as herself while worrying what he might think if he knows she’s what’s known as a white-witch? A benevolent practitioner of the elements, magic and energy.  

Meanwhile, Gabe wonders if Clementine will figure out that he’s not exactly mortal or living. That he is in fact, a spook. A ghost. 

Ultimately, they will discover a hidden mystery about their unique connection, crossing time and space to reveal the truth. Their enduring love. 

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