Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kat Lady's Dolls FREE via PLAY & GoodReads

[Novella, 24,000+ words, approx: 100 eReader pages]


DESCRIPTION: A novella exploring erotic empowerment in Beverly Hills.

Kat Lady is a classically trained dancer who uses her sultry moves at an exclusive gentleman's club in Beverly Hills. A lesbian who is all eyes for plus-size, voluptuous women. Especially so for her lover, Tamsin. Join Kat Lady as she goes from private dancer to a gentleman's / lady's club owner herself while juggling life as a law student.

Tamsin is sexually curious, having just discovered intimate fun with a woman for the first time. She also has a secret fantasy - a threesome with the club's head muscle-man and bouncer, Marty - a former marine.

Marty has never shied away from a dominant woman the likes of Kat Lady and finds himself smack in the middle of fantasy fulfillment for her and her lover, Tamsin. Can Marty keep his desire in check when it comes to Kat Lady while servicing her lover?

**Includes Kat Lady & sneak previews for 3 other West Coast Erotica stories; The Capture of Grace, Toy Box, & Under Mistress Cherry's Control.**

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